The town hall of Grosskrotzenburg’s original design had become nonfunctional and recently had security issues. Therefore the local government decided it was time for a new building.

The desired look of the new town hall was three-stories, keeping the original medieval character of historic Grosskrotzenburg with the ministry offices unobstructed on the ground floor. High standards of energy efficiency were required to meet the Passivhaus Certification Scheme and had to be considered.

In public areas, the client and architect agreed on light colors with a friendly, open, natural design and a durable floor system to withstand high traffic. A central staircase made from the same construction materials as the bathrooms and cloakrooms was requested to keep a consistent design throughout the building.


• High-energy efficiency standards required
• Medieval character requirements
• High-traffic area

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PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic ideally fulfilled all requirements from the architect. Andreas Schwarz chose white PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic Binder with a locally sourced natural stone aggregate. The installation of the monolithic floors spanned across all public areas, even the wash basins would be made of the same materials. An ambitious aspect of the project was a spiral staircase with black edge detail created with the same PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic system.

The main focal point of the project was the town’s coat of arms cast in situ with PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic using different colored aggregates and pigments. This seamless focal point can be polished and cleaned as easy as the rest of the floor and is just as durable to traffic.

Using water pipes for the under floor heating system in conjunction with the PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic helped the building to achieve a high standard in the Passivhaus Certification Scheme. The natural light reflected off of the PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic provides a more open feel to the building which has pleased the town’s people and council.


Sandt Naturalstone – Eggesin, Germany

Andreas Schwarz – Berlin, Germany

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