The ARDEX Group

Mark Eslamlooy

Born in 1966. Position: CEO ARDEX Group and CEO of ARDEX Germany. Group-level responsibilities: Group Strategy, Emerging Markets, Group HR and Corporate Communication. Lives with family in Germany.

W. Michael Crouch

Born in 1957. Position: President of ARDEX Americas. Group-level responsibilities: International Project Selling and Corporate Marketing. Lives with family in the United States.

Ian Forster

Born in 1950. Position: Regional Managing Director Asia Pacific. Group-level responsibilities: Home Improvement Channel, Group Cross-Selling and Special Projects. Lives with family in Australia.

Dr. Rüdiger Oberste-Padtberg

Born in 1950. Position: CTO Ardex Group. Group-level responsibilities: R&D/Quality control, Corporate Engineering, Strategic Procurement and Process Innovation. Lives with family in Germany.

Anton Reithner

Born in 1953. Position: Managing Director of ARDEX Austria. Group-level responsibilities: Professional Sales & Distribution, Technical Services, Product Segment PANDOMO. Lives with family in Austria.

Uwe Stockhausen

Born in 1969. Position: CFO ARDEX Group. Group-level responsibilities: Corporate Finance, Group IT, Internal Audit & Compliance and Mergers & Acquisitions. Lives with family in Germany.