About IPSS

International Projects & Specification Services

The International Projects & Specification Services (IPSS) program focuses on providing architects, designers and engineers assistance in selecting and specifying ARDEX products in various locations worldwide. Construction practices are diverse throughout the world and each project is unique, requiring different products based on location, environment and application. ARDEX manufactures a unique and diverse portfolio of specialty building products to meet the needs of local markets. Architects, designers and engineers who are working on an international project can contact their IPSS representative to assist them in selecting the appropriate ARDEX product based on the location of their project.

The ARDEX IPSS representative works with the local ARDEX Representative in the project’s location to provide technical jobsite support and installer recommendations. ARDEX technical service team can assist with proper documentation and recommendations to ensure ARDEX products meet the building standards and codes for the appropriate country. The ARDEX IPSS team can also provide environmental and sustainability information on any ARDEX product.

As part of the International Projects & Specification Services program, any ARDEX product used on an international project is eligible for a 10-year product warranty in addition to any standard ARDEX warranties offered in the project’s location. All projects must be registered with your national IPSS member to receive the warranty.

IPSS advantages
  • International product selection and specification assistance
  • ARDEX system solution
  • Local distribution information
  • Installer recommendations
  • Technical and jobsite support
  • Customer service
  • Warranty Program information
  • Environmental information
  • For more information on the IPSS program or to contact your national ARDEX IPSS Representative please email: ipss@ardex.com

IPSS Brochure