JH Trade company

Showroom of the JH Trade company in Bratislava, Slovakia

Total area of showroom: 2,720 m², of which

PANDOMO: 509.2 m²
PANDOMO K1: 50.9 m²
PANDOMO K2: 24.1 m²
PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro: 51.9 m²
PANDOMO TerrazzoPlus: 15.7 m²
PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic: 26.6 m²
PANDOMO W1, various techniques on walls and ceilings: 340 m²

This showroom was completed hand in hand with Quick-Step (manufacturer of laminate flooring).
The goal was not only to present PANDOMO in the display areas, but also to make PANDOMO accessible to the public all times and hence increase sales.

Carried out by a crew from the INTEX-TLMAČE, s.r.o. company over a period of six months, all the work was completed by late December 2010. The festive opening ceremony took place on 3 February 2011.