Intercontinental Resort & Spa


– Fast turnaround
– Multiple types of tile and stone products being installed
– Installer unfamiliar with ARDEX and Tile and Stone Installation System
– Multiple changes in the specified tile and stone flooring materials

The Intercontinental Montelucia Luxury Resort & Spa is a premier luxury resort located in Paradise Valley, AZ. Specified for the project was a variety of ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, clay and mosaic tiles for indoor and outdoor applications. The tile and stone installation was just getting underway in August 2008 and the resort was due to open by October 2008. The ARDEX team worked closely with Josh Johnson and Bill Arons of AZ Select Flooring Systems and their installers to specify the right ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation System products to work with the various types of specified ceramic tile and stones throughout the resort and also provide the speed and performance necessary to complete the entire installation on time and successfully.


Various types, styles, sizes, and finishes of tile and stone and the specifications changed several times. Several of the tile & stone selections required very intricate installations. There were also various substrates including CBU, Denshield, drywall, concrete, and plywood. In addition, the installations were vertical and horizontal, located inside and outdoors, in wet-areas, high traffic areas, retail shops, as well as the resort guest rooms. Prior to this project AZ Select had not worked with ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation System products, therefore they had not experienced the high-performance aspects of ARDEX .


After multiple meetings and job walks to discuss the variety of materials and installation requirements, Tim Ellison, Regional Tile & Stone Specialist for ARDEX performed a comprehensive job site demonstration. Proper mixing and installation procedures were demonstrated for ARDEX 8+9 Waterproofing System for the showers and wet areas, and ARDEX X 5™ Thin Set Mortar for the various ceramic tiles and stones throughout the resort.

The project required more than 10 pallets of ARDEX X 5 (white). In addition, ARDEX 8+9™ was utilized to water proof all of the shower installations. In other sections of the project AZ Select Flooring used ARDEX K15™, ARDEX Feather Finish™ and ARDEX SD-P™ for patching and leveling of the various substrates. All of the VCT tile installed in the resort service areas was installed using HENRY® 430 ClearPro™ Clear VCT Flooring Adhesive with HENRY® GreenLine Environmental Technology.

Under the pressure of very strict time restraints, ARDEX high-performance products allowed for the successful completion of the installation meeting the aggressive deadline. This is another example of excellent teamwork between ARDEX and a valued installer partner, AZ Select Flooring Systems to provide a showpiece installation that met the demanding expectations of the designers, builders and owners.